As I lay in my hospital bed contemplating my potentially premature demise from a rare and generally fatal cancer, I realized I desperately needed an escape, or, in other words, a mental vacation, and so I decided to write one. Of course, the world already had plenty of really good literary works such as Ian Fleming’s James Bond series, Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series, and of course J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter, so, in order to stand apart, I created my own unique kind of hero and placed him in a vibrant world where, no matter how bad things got for him and his compatriots, they always manage to somehow make it through it all. Thus, the ultimate escapist adventure series was born, and I decided to call it Mantasy, the combination of male + fantasy, but, and this is a big healthy but, it’s pH balanced for both male and female readers.

Now, say hello to Tag Finn. He’s an underpaid private investigator at this point in is life, though not too long ago he was a dashing spy. It all all began after he graduated from Stanford University and became a special operations soldier, but he then segued into the CIA’s Special Activities Division, where he traveled the world and performed dangerous and deadly deeds in the service of his country. Sure, it was pretty damn exciting, but it wasn’t the best fit for a free thinking, wise-ass, irreverent, non-misogynist who was deathly afraid of using public restrooms, and so he decided instead to make the world a better place by switching to the private sector where he would help people in case at a time. Now, he’s living in the quaint Northern California town of Sausalito, and he does his best to make sure that every day starts with a lovely uninterrupted number two, and if he can just get that, then he can face whatever shit life throws at him.

So, come along on exotic adventures that will take you from Northern California to the far reaches of the world and deliver copious amounts of fine food, drink, lurid sex, adventure, humor, intrigue, extremely bad-ass women, and, last but not least, a wee bit of mostly tasteful bathroom humor!


Fighting back a hipster invasion at the West Point Inn.

Lyle Christie happy and contemplating the meaning of life or perhaps just contemplating boobs.